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Campusnews 2008


Communication Workshop organised by GIT for GCL employees.
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Visit of Hon. Chairman Dr. K.H.Gharda to GIT.
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Highlights Of Dr. Gharda's speech....
  In life one does not always get what he deserves.
  One can neither choose own parents nor the environment in which he will be brought up.
  However what we get by chance should not be a hurdle to what we get by efforts.
  Education opens the path towards the sucess. Engineering education is a focussed hardwork to learn applications of basic principles of science. So to say, formal education is 20 % while the rest is given by the experiences in life.
  Looking beyond our own family say neighbours... locality... town... country gives more sucess & satisfaction in life than remaining nuclear within oneself.



Inauguration of Art Gallary - " AURA ".
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NPCIL - Lecture & Slide show on Nuclear Power.
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