Discipline Committee
No Name Designation Department Phone Email
 1  Prof. Swami V.M.  Chairperson  Mechanical Engineering  9922940076  vmswami@git-india.edu.in
 2  Mr. Bhavesh Patel  Member  Library  7507031130  librarian@git-india.edu.in
 3  Prof. S.K. Dhawale  Member  ASH  8975637036  skdhawale@git-india.edu.in
 4  Prof. Tekade S. P.  Member  Chemical Engineering  7083848408  sptekade@git-india.edu.in
 5  Prof. P. P. Pawaskar  Member  Mechanical Engineering  9422432062  pppawaskar@git-india.edu.in
 6  Prof. Balpande M. R.  Member  Comp Engineering  9145551597  mrbalpande@git-india.edu.in
 7  Prof. Pandharkame S. N.  Member  E&TC Engineering  9421160282  snpandharkame@git-india.edu.in
 8  Prof. Modani D. G.  Member  Warden (Boys Hostel)  9881765983  dgmodani@git-india.edu.in
 9  Prof. Ms. Sukhdeve P. R.  Member  Warden (Girls Hostel)  9096184838  prsukhdeve@git-india.edu.in
 10  Mast. Patil Pralaykumar  Student Represetative Boys  BE Mech  7218143598  
 11  Mast. Shinde Nischit  Student Represetative Boys  BE Mech  9404157850  
 12  Miss. Bhagne Priyanka  Student Represetative Girls  BE Civil  9764804751  
 13  Miss. Harshada Ghune  Student Represetative Girls  BE Civil  7774864958  

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