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About Chemical Dept.

Year of Establishment of Chemical Department: Year 2007

Intake : 60 Seats (48 CAP + 12 Institute Level)

Student Body : SPACE
(Students Pioneer Association of Chemical Engineering)

Tel No : 02356-262795-99 ext. 149

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The Department offers a 4-Year B.E. Degree Programme in Chemical Engineering.

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

* To produce the employable graduates by providing chemical engineering knowledge for the welfare of the society.

Mission Statement

* Impart knowledge and understanding of the chemical engineering science through curriculum.

* Develop skills to become technically competent professionals.

* Inculcate social and life-long learning awareness.

PO & PEO's

Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

* Graduates of the program will apply chemical engineering principles in engineering practice.

* Graduates of the program will have technical or professional careers in chemical engineering or in the diverse fields of chemical engineering such as biochemical engineering, energy and environmental engineering etc.

* Pursue higher study and / or continuously upgrade the knowledge with personal and professional growth.

Program Outcomes (PO's)

* The ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals to chemical engineering.

* The ability to design and conduct experiments, and to analyze and interpret experimental results.

* The ability to design systems, components, or processes to meet specified objectives within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, health and safety, manufacturing, and sustainability in chemical engineering.

* The ability to use the research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to solve complex problems in chemical engineering with provision of valid conclusions.

* The ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for chemical engineering practice.

* Education that is supportive to broad awareness of the diversity of the world and its cultures and that provides an understanding of impact of engineering practice in the global, economic, environmental and societal context.

* Able to understand the impact of the chemical engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

* An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

* Ability to function effectively as an individual or as a member or as a leader of multidisciplinary team, and have an understanding of team leadership.

* The ability to communicate effectively in written, oral, and graphical forms with the engineering community and with society at large.

* Ability to Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of chemical engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.

* Ability to Recognize the need for and have the ability to engage in lifelong learning.


The Department is equipped with 12 labs, departmental computer centre, departmental library, seminar hall, classrooms with modern teaching aids and staff rooms.


1. Advanced Chemistry Lab
2. Computer Application Lab (MATLAB)
3. Mass Transfer Operation
4. Heat Transfer Operation
5. Solid Fluid Mechanical Operation
6. Reaction Kinetics
7. Instrumentation and Process Control
8. Fluid Flow
9. Process Equipment Design and Drawing
10. Chemical Reaction Engineering
11. Environmental Engineering
12. Modeling and Simulation (Software Aspen Plus V 7.1)

Research and Development point of view to two new lab developed
1. Computational Fluid Dynamics ( Simulation Software ANSYS 14 )
2. Analytical Techniques

Departmental Seminar Hall

Well equipped with audio/Video Facility, LCD Projector, OHP's, Multimedia PC, Internet/Intranet facility.

Well Equipped Class Rooms

Healthy, Species, Good Light, Fan Arrangement with OHP Facility.

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Faculty of Chemical Engg Dept


Placement Status

Industry-Institute Interaction

Industry-Institute Interaction

* Arranged "Engineering Internship Programme" for TE student in January 2013 at Gharda Chemicals Ltd., Lote. Our BE student completed their academic project in GCL, Lote and Shree Samarth Chemicals Ltd, Lote .

Department News & Events

  25th March 2017: !! Outstanding Young Chemical Engineer Award-2017 !!
Final year Chemical Engg. students Mr. Sushant Patil, Mr. Mitesh Bhanushali and Mr. Prasad Avadan received prestigious Outstanding Young Chemical Engineer Award - 2017 organized by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) which was held at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai.

26- 27th February 2016: Prof. Dr. P. N. Patil, received the ‘Best Paper Presentation Award’ at IIChE event Outstanding Young Chemical Engineers, Blast Carboblocks/ Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution Awards 2016 in the working professional category, held at DMCOE, Mumbai .

  27th February 2016: Prof. Dr. S. H. Gharat was in the judge’s panel for the UG category at outstanding young chemical engineers awards 2016 held at DMCOE, Mumbai.

  27th February 2016: SE Students Rohan Singh, Sanket and Ritik presented paper at at Outstanding Young Chemical Engineers Awards 2016 held at DMCOE, Mumbai.

  17th February 2016: Prof. Dr. P. N. Patil delivered key note address and in judge jury panel for National Level Technical Symposium held at FAMT, Ratnagiri.

  13th February 2016: SPACE organized the expert lecture on ‘Career Path for Chemical Engineers’ by Mr. Danish Bade, Engineer at Honeywell. Prof. R. G. Nalwala coordinated the activity.

  2-4th January 2016: Prof. Dr. S. H. Gharat participated and presented a poster at‘International Conference on Complex Fluids’held at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune.

  18-20th December 2015: Prof. S. P. Tekade attended three days STTP on ‘Process Intensification’ at National Institute of Technology, Warangal

  27-30th December 2015: Prof. S. P. Tekade participated and presented a research paper at Chemcon 2015, National Level Conference, held at IIT Guwahati

  16th December 2015: Prof. Dr. S. H. Gharat delivered guest lecture on ‘Energy Management’ at Gharda Chemicals Ltd, Lote.

  18th November 2015: Prof. Dr. S. H. Gharat and Prof. Dr. P. N. Patil has engaged as consultant at R & D center, Gharda Chemicals Ltd, Lote for the period of six months.

  23rd October 2015: SPACE organized the expert talk, and quiz competition by Academician from IIT Bombay, ICT Mumbai and Industrial experts from IIChE, Lote Chapter. Prof. R. G. Nalwala coordinated the activity.

  12-13th September 2015: Prof. Dr. P. N. Patil received the IIChE Award for the Year 2015 – “M P Chary Memorial Award for an outstanding Chemical Engineer below 35 Years of age”, for the presentation on the paper entitled “Pesticide Degradation using Advanced Oxidation Processes” in SCHEMCON-2015 at MIT academy of engineering, Alandi, Pune.

  13th September 2015: BE students Nitin Pandey and group presented research paper on ‘Flow and Segregation of Granular Materials in quasi 2-D System’ and receives the 3rd prize at IIChE event SCHEMCON-2015 at MIT academy of engineering, Alandi, Pune. Prof. Dr. S. H. Gharat guided their work.

  13th September 2015: BE students Chetan Kirte and group presented paper on ‘Study of Granular Materials in Blast Furnace’ at IIChE event SCHEMCON-2015 at MIT academy of engineering, Alandi, Pune. Prof. Dr. S. H. Gharat guided their work.

  13th September 2015: BE students Neel Ghorpade and group presented paper on ‘Hydrogen Generation through Water Splitting Reaction’ at IIChE event SCHEMCON-2015 at MIT academy of engineering, Alandi, Pune. Prof. S. P. Tekade guided their work.

  15th September 2015: Prof. Dr. P. N. Patil attended and judged the poster presentation session organized by chemical engineering department, AISSMS college of Engineering Pune.

  24th August 2015: Prof. Dr. P. N. Patil appointed as Institute R&D coordinator

  15 Sept 15 : Engineers day celebrated in GIT by Chemical Engineering Department and Sponsored by ISTE.

  27th Sept 2014 : Department of Chemical Engineering under IICHE GIT Chapter has organized in association with IIT Bombay a one day workshop on the CHEMCAD and Chem-o-philia a National Level chemical engineering quiz competition.


Activities Under SPACE

  Welcome function (Freshers Party) for First Year and Direct Second Chemical Engineering Students Dt: 8/10/12

  IIChE Lote Chapter Guest lecture on Recent Trends in Chemical Engineering Dt: 27/10/12

  Guest Lecture on Instrumentation and Process Control by,
1. Prof. P. M. Ingole, DMCOE, Airoli Dt:3/11/12      2. Dr. V. S. Sathe, Dr. BATU., Lonere Dt: 19/10/12

  SPACE Foundation day and sendoff to Prof. D. N. Muley Dt: 3/9/12

  Sports event arranged (Cricket for boys and Dodge ball for girls) Dt: 19/1/13

  Appreciation Programme to students for winning Sports Champions Trophy Dt: 9/2/13

  Blood donation Camp arranged on campus. Dt: 5/3/13

  CHEMZO-CaAl (Tech fest) arranged. Dt: 9-10 March 13

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