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About computer Dept.

Year of Establishment of Computer Department: Year 2007

Intake : 60 Seats (48 CAP + 12 Institute Level)

Student Body : ASCEE
(Association of Students of Computer Engineering for Excellence)

Tel No : 02356-262795-99 ext. 198    Email :

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The Department offers a 4-Year B.E. Degree Programme in Computer Engineering. The department has team of young and enthusiastic faculty members with state-of-the-art laboratories.

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

* To develop young minds into Computer professionals to meet Industrial and Social needs.

Mission Statement

* To develop young aspirants in relevant knowledge of Computer Engineering.

* To develop skill among individuals for applying knowledge to professionally defined problems.

* To acknowledge individuals about continuous learning.

PO & PEO's

Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

* Work in wide area of computing or computing application.

* Integrate into the world of practicing professionals for team work and represent professional skills to society.

* Adapt to new technologies and possess necessary background to pursue higher education.

Program Outcomes (PO's)

* Able to demonstrate Mathematics, Science fundamentals along with Computer Engineering principles in Real time Engineering problems.

* Able to identify, formulate and review literatures for analysis of complex Engineering problems that’s leads to substantial conclusions based on basic principles of Mathematics, Allied Science and Engineering Science.

* Able to propose solution to complex Engineering problem, sketch out system component and processes that will lead to fulfillment of needs with appropriate consideration of public welfare.

* Able to conduct research oriented investigation and analysis in devising proper solution.

* Able to select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern tools to solve engineering problems with an understanding of limitations.

* Able to apply professional knowledge for the welfare of society.

* Able to understand impact of engineering solution on society and apply knowledge for sustainable development.

* Able to abide to professional ethics and societal responsibilities and apply them in engineering practice.

* Able to stand alone, collaborate with team and lead a team in same or multidisciplinary domains.

* Able to comprehend and write effective report, design documents, give effective presentations and communicate effectively before engineering community and society.

* Able to apply engineering principles and management skills in individual work and team work for project development in multidisciplinary domains.

* Able to understand the need of lifelong learning so as to adapt upcoming technologies.


The Department is equipped with 8 labs, 148 No. of latest generation Computers, departmental computer centre, departmental library, seminar hall, classrooms with modern teaching aids,staff rooms & WiFi connectivity.


1. Software Engineering Laboratory : Total 20 computers connected in LAN. The lab is equipped with windows 7, IBM Rational Rose, Packet Tracer software with printing facility..

2. Database Laboratory : Total 20 computers connected in LAN. The lab is equipped with Windows 7, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, Java 1.6 software with printing facility..

3. Cryptography & Networking Laboratory : Total 20 computers connected in LAN. The lab is equipped with Windows7, Masm, Turbo C++, Java 1.6 software with printing facility.

4. Open Source Laboratory : Total 20 computers connected in LAN. The lab is equipped with Ubantu Linux, Turbo C++, Java 1.6 software with printing facility..

5. Computer Center & Programming Laboratory : Total 20 computers connected in LAN. The lab is equipped with windows XP, Turbo C++, Java 1.6 software software with printing facility..

6. Computer Center & Cyber Security Laboratory : Total 20 computers connected in LAN. The lab is equipped with Windows XP, AutoCAD 2008, Java 1.6 software with printing facility..

7. Computer Graphics Laboratory : Total 20 computers connected in LAN. The lab is equipped with Windows XP, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, Turbo C++, weka, TC, Java 1.6 software with printing facility.

8. Computer Simulation Laboratory : Total 8 computers connected in LAN. The lab is equipped with Windows XP, Weka, Turbo C++, Java 1.6 software with printing facility..

Departmental Seminar Hall

Well equipped with audio/Video Facility, LCD Projector, OHP's, Multimedia PC, Internet/Intranet facility, WiFi Access Facility.

Softwares available at department

1) Red Hat Linux, 2) IBM Rational Rose, 3) Packet Tracer 4) Oracle 10g, 5) SQL Server 2005, 6) Visual Studio 2008, 7) Java 1.6 software 8) Masm, 9) Turbo C++, 10) AutoCAD 2008 11) Eclips 12) Pro- Log. 13) Adobe Flash.

Well Equipped Class Rooms

Spacious, well-ventilated, Adequately illuminated Classrooms with Electronic OHP/Smart Board and Blackboards.

Faculty of Computer Engg Dept

Syllabus of Computer Engg Dept

Timetable of Computer Engg Dept

Placements of Computer Engg Dept

Industry-Institute Interaction

Industry-Institute Interaction

* 14 July 2018 : 1-Day NPTEL Workshop for the faculty members of various colleges of Maharashtra was organised jointly by NPTEL, IIT Bombay & GIT. 75 Faculty members attended the workshop..

* July 1 - July 10 2018 : 10 - Day (60 hrs.) .Net Training Programme by Microsoft Certified Trainer from ATS Infotech, Pune was organized in Computer Engineering Department.

* Industrial Visit to 4x300 MW Thermal Power Plant of JSW Energy Limited at Jaigarh, Dist. Ratnagiri on 12-01-2018.

* Director-CDAC, Mumbai, under Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India delivered Invited Guest Lecture on "Machine Learning for Richer Analytics" on 05-01-2018.

* Director (Cloud Operations), Oracle India Limited, Bengaluru has delivered Invited Guest Lecture on "A Tour of Cloud Computing" on 17-03-2018.

* Industrial Visit of students and faculty members to Oppulent Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Pune was held on 20-09-2017 and MoU was signed for various collaborations.

* Interactions with Gharda Chemicals Limited, Lote - Parasuram for possible consultancy and collaborative R & D in the field of Safety Analysis using Computer Simulation & Modeling were held in Oct. 2017.

Institute-Institute Interaction

* Invited Guest Lecture was held on 08-11-2017 on the topic "Privacy Challenges in Social Networking" by Distinguished Visiting Professor, Deptt. of CSE, IITB and former Senior Professor & Dean (TCS), TIFR under DAE, Govt. of India.

* Numerous Interactions in terms of Guest Lectures by Faculty Members of Department of Computer Engineering, GIT with various institutes of undergraduate colleges and junior colleges in Konkan / Raigad regions of Maharashtra.

* AICTE-ISTE Approved 1-Week Faculty Development Programme on Big Data Analytics was held from 01-01-18 to 05-01-18 with Hands-on Experience. Conducted by SJCEM Faculty Members, University of Mumbai.

Department News & Events

  1-10 July-18 : Computer department is organizing 60-hrs. Training Programme on .net for TE and SE students of AY 2017-18 Batch by Microsoft Certified Trainer from ATS Infotech, Pune.   (7 Photos)

  12 Jan-18 : Computer Engineering Department students has visited JSW Energy Plant, Jaigad as Industry Internship Program.   (7 Photos)

  1-5 Jan-17 : One Week ISTE approved FDP on “Big Data Analytics “ conducted from 1st Jan to 5th Jan 2018 in Gharda Institute of Technology, Lavel, Khed, Dist.-Ratnagiri, Maharashtra (Mumbai University).   (19 Photos)

  8 Nov-17 : Invited Lecture by Dr R.K. Shyamasundar was held in GIT. Dr Shyamasundar is Distinguished Visiting Professor of IITB and formerly Senior Professor & Dean in TIFR, Mumbai. Topic : Privacy Challenges in Social Networking.   (11 Photos)

  24 March-17: Seminar Presentation activity by SE Computer Engineering Students of GIT.   (4 Photos)

  11 March-17: Parents meeting of computer Engg. Dept at GIT.   (4 Photos)

  27-28 Jan-17: Paper presented on "Data Leakage detection Techniques" by Computer Engineering Students of GIT in Dr. Daulatrao Aher College of Engg. Karad.   (3 Photos)

  2-14 Jan-17: Computer Dept. organised MVC Training with collaboration of " Antarik Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.   (6 Photos)

  2-6 Jan-17 : FDP on Cloud Computing with collaboration of ATS Infotech Pvt. Ltd.   (4 Photos)

  19-20 Oct 16 : Guest Lecture on "Cloud Computing" by Mr. Deven Ketkar, Assistant Professor from FAMT, Ratnagiri organised by Computer Dept. of GIT.   (4 Photos) View Report... Click Here

  18 Oct 16 : Seminar on "Software Testing" by Mr. Rohit Sharma, Squad Infotech, Mumbai organised by Computer Dept. of GIT.   (7 Photos) View Report... Click Here

  17 sept 16 : "Parent Meet-2016" organized by Computer Engineering Department.   (12 Photos)

  "Parent Meet-2015" organized by Computer Engineering Department.   (6 Photos)

  Teachers Day Celebration by Computer Engg, Dept On 5th September2015.  (6 Photos)

  Computer Department has successfully conducted 2 days workshop on 'Hybrid Application Development and Cross Linking Platform' on Sep 3-4 2015.   (4 Photos)

  23rd Jan 2014 : Orientation programe on Cloud Computing.   (1 Photo)

  18th Jan 2014 : Departmental parents meeting.   (3 Photos)


Association of Students of Computer Engineering for Excellence (ASCEE) has played major role in organizing various technical and co-technical events throughout the year. Members of ASCEE, students and supportive staff have taken remarkable effort for successful conduction of several events such as Technical workshops, program on “Dot Net Technology”.

ICUBE (Organized under Shodh after 2012-13) is the national level technical symposium which is organized every year under ASCEE. Computer Engineering Department is the first to have started Era of Technical Festival in GIT. Every year we get tremendous response from the students of eminent colleges from all over India. ICUBE is an umbrella of several events, providing the platform to prove technical, non-technical and sport abilities of students.

The balanced education across many areas of Computer Science will be our students’ foundation for life-long learning and for contribution to society.

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