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About E&TC Dept.

Year of Establishment of E&TC Department: Year 2009

Intake : 60 Seats (48 CAP + 12 Institute Level)

Student Body : PULSE
(Pioneer Union for Lightning the Science of Electronics & Telecommunication)

Tel No : 02356-262795-99 ext. 123

Email :

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The Department offers a 4-Year B.E. Degree Programme in Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

* To transform young minds into global competent engineers in the field of electronics and telecommunication for the betterment of society.

Mission Statement

* Impart knowledge through electronics and telecommunication curricula. * Create awareness and understanding of continuous learning in the field of electronics and telecommunication. * Develop skills and apply factual information with professional ethics.

PO & PEO's

Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

* Learn with constantly evolving technology.
* Gratify with growing technical and professional career.

Program Outcomes (PO's)

* Able to demonstrate Mathematics, Science fundamentals along with Computer Engineering principles in Real time Engineering problems.
* Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, and fundamentals of electronics and telecommunication engineering.
* Identify, analyze and formulate engineering problems and solve them.
* Design and conduct experiments as well as analyze and interpret data.
* Design a system, component or process to meet desired specifications within realistic constraints.
* Create, select, and apply appropriate electronics and telecommunication engineering techniques and resources for engineering activities.
* Apply knowledge of electronics and telecommunication engineering to assess and solve social and safety issues.
* Demonstrate the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts.
* Demonstrate professional ethical values and responsibilities.
* Function as a member or a leader in various teams.
* Communicate engineering activities effectively with the community and society.
* Demonstrate knowledge of electronics and telecommunication engineering and management principles in day to day activities.
* Upgrade knowledge as per market forces through lifelong learning in the field of electronics and telecommunication engineering.


The Department is equipped with 7 labs, departmental computer centre, departmental library, seminar hall, classrooms with modern teaching aids and staff rooms.


1. Advance communication Laboratory : This lab contains the instruments such as Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, Dual scope oscilloscope, CRO, Control System Kits, CDMA GSM and TV trainer Kits, LCR-Q meter and different types of transducers. Practicals regarding instrumentation are performed here.

2. Telecommunication & networking Laboratory : This lab contains Vector Network Analyser, Spectrum Analyzer, Microwave Bench, VSWR meter, Antenna Trainer kit, Optical Fibre Kits Dual trace CRO,Dual power supply, Function generators and digital multimeter. The practicals to study the characteristics of different components such as capacitors, resistors, etc. and different electrical networks are performed in this lab.

3. Communication Laboratory : This lab contains Analog and Digital Communication Kits, DSO, Dual trace CRO, Power supply, Function generator, rectifier kit, UJT, SCR characteristics kit and different communication kits. The practicals of EDC and PCOM are performed here.

4. Electronics Design Laboratory : This lab contains Power supply, DSO, CRO, VLSR based Digital communication Kits, various digital experimental kits such as analog to digital converter, 7 Segment Display Card (IC-07), microprocessor and microcontroller kits with interfacing kits. Practical’s based on digital designing, microprocessor and microcontroller are performed here.

5. Project/Simulation Laboratory : This lab is specially dedicated for project and simulation software’s containing total 20 LENOVA COMPUTERS having multisim software(10 users), active HDL, MATLAB, TINA(10 users) software. All practicals depending on above mentioned software’s are performed here.

6. Software Lab : This lab is specially used for simulation software workshop containing total 20 Thin Client COMPUTERS having multisim software (10 users), active HDL, Pspice10 Users, Xilinx 9.2, Matlab, Linux software, Microwind, proteus VSM. All practicals depending on above mentioned software’s are performed here.

7. Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory : This lab contains CRO, function generator, power supply, voltmeter, ammeter, multimeters, various network theorms kits, multimeters etc. Practicals depending on basics of electronics are performed here.

8. Software Lab : This lab includes some of the important softwares for engineering aspects like MATLAB, DIPTRACE etc. MATLAB is a license version for 25 users. It is very commonly used software by all branches for simulation and designing also. It consists of 11 toolboxes including Simulink. It tests programming skills of the students. DIPTRACE software is used by students for layout making for any electronics circuit. It also has options of simulating any circuit. It is mostly used for all electronics projects.

Aims and objectives :
* To improve quality and result 100%.
* Practical facility and well equipment.
* Internet facility.
* Well teaching staff.
* To provide department library facility.
* To provide department study facility.
* By giving personal attention towards students.

Departmental Seminar Hall
Well equipped with audio/Video Facility, LCD Projector, OHP's, Multimedia PC, Internet/Intranet facility.

Well Equipped Class Rooms
Healthy, Species, Good Light, Fan Arrangement with OHP Facility.

Faculty of E&TC Engg Dept



Placement Status

Department News & Events

Year 2017 ->

  • 14-15 Feb 2017 : “Expert Lecture C++,JAVA ”. by Mrs.Kranti Gajmal and Mr.Khandke M.A. Asst.Prof., Computer Dept. of GIT in EXTC Dept.   (4 Photos) View ... Detail Report

  • 13 Feb 2017 : Seminar on “Career Guidance in Management” conducted by Mr.Satish Kadam, VSMSIBM, Khed. in EXTC dept. of GIT. View ... Detail Report

  • 6 Feb 2017 : Seminar on “IOT Based Technology” was conducted by Mr.Sharad Tiwari, Embedded Mastrex Infotech. in EXTC Dept. View ... Detail Report

  • 4-6 Feb 2017 : Workshop on "ROBOWAR" was conducted in EXTC Dept. of GIT.   (4 Photos) View ... Detail Report

  • 30 Jan 2017 : Seminar on “IOT Based Project” was conducted by Mr.Sanjay Awati, PROCOM ENTERPRISES, Ichalkaranji. in EXTC Dept. View ... Detail Report

  • 22 Jan 2017 : Seminar on “Television Technology” was conducted by Mr.Hari Pol,, Hari Electronic Chiplun in EXTC dept. of GIT. View ... Detail Report

    Year 2016 ->

  • "Parent Meet-2016" organized by E&TC Engineering Department.   (16 Photos)

  • 19 July 2016 : "Online NPTEL Courses Introduction in Detail" by Librarian, Mr. Bhavesh Patel, for the students of SE and TE EXTC. seminar on "The Introduction of NPTEL course on "Digital Image Processing" to B.E.EXTC students" by Mr.P.V.Oak.   (07 Photos)
  • 18 Jan 2016 : Felicitation of BE EXTC students 2016 BATCH for getting placed in MNC AMAZON INDIA,
    1. Miss. Neha Shinde
    2. Mr. Akash Solanki
    3. Mr. Kanad Joshi
    We wish him best in all future endeavors !!   (6 Photos)

    Year 2015 ->

  • Newsletter Sept 2015

  • Newsletter August 2015

  • Newsletter July 2015

  • 29 Jun-3 July 2015 : Effective Research Methodology: Tools & Techniques Workshop conducted by E&TC department of GIT.   (11 Photos)

  • 5-21 Jan 2015 : Pedagogy workshop conducted by IIT Bombay.

    Year 2014 ->

  • 2-12 Dec 2014 : Control system workshop conducted by IIT Kharagpur.

  • 23rd Sept 2014 : Fresher party was organized for the E & TC student.

  • 5th Sept 2014 : Teacher day program was organized.

    Year 2011 ->

  • 18th March 2011 : Workshop on "Global Positioning System" by EXTC department.   (6 Photos)
  • 5th March 2011 : Inauguration of PULSE- Pioneer Union for Lightning the Science of E&TC.
      (3 Photos)
  • 7th Feb 2011 : Industrial Visit to Prasarbharti Ratnagiri & R.K. Cables   (3 Photos)

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