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About Mechanical Dept.

Year of Establishment of Mechanical Department: Year 2007

Intake : 60 Seats (48 CAP + 12 Institute Level)

Student Body : IMAGE
(Innovative Mechanicals Association Of Gritty Engineeres)

Tel No : 02356-262795-99 ext. 190

Email :

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The Department offers a 4-Year B.E. Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering.

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

* To transform individuals into technologically competent and socially responsible professionals in Mechanical Engineering.

Mission Statement

* Encourage individuals to pursue relevant knowledge in Mechanical Engineering.

* To provide sound technical inputs to develop professional skills.

* To create awareness amongst students about continuous learning and social ethics.

PO & PEO's

Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

* Our graduates will work professionally in diverse areas of mechanical, thermal and allied engineering and demonstrate the abilities acquired.

* Our graduates will engage successfully and grow in chosen career with concern for safety, health, environment and sustainability.

* Our graduates will continue their learning as per the changing needs of the technology, profession, and society.

Program Outcomes (PO's)

* Able to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and mechanical engineering to the solution of complex engineering problems.

* Able to identify, formulate, conduct literature survey, and analyze mechanical engineering problems and draw conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.

* Able to design components, systems and processes to specified needs with due considerations of safety, health, environment and society.

* Able to experiment and conduct investigation, analysis, synthesis to arrive at conclusions.

* Able to select and use appropriate modern tools to solve the engineering problems.

* Able to apply professional reasoning to assess safety, health, environment, legal, economical issues.

* Able to understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

* Able to apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and Responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.

* Able to function effectively as an individual member, team member, leader in diverse and multidisciplinary teams.

* Able to write effective report, design documents, make oral presentation, and debate before engineering community and society at large.

* Able to apply the principles of engineering and management to own work and manage projects and group activities.

* Able to engage in life-long learning to recognize the need in the context of the technological changes.

Program Specific Objective

* Able to demonstrate design skills and manufacturing ability in both thermal and mechanical engineering systems.


The Department is equipped with 16 labs, departmental computer centre, departmental library, seminar hall, classrooms with modern teaching aids and staff rooms.View Details


1. Thermal Engineering Lab
2. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Lab
3. Mechanical Measurement Lab
4. Mechatronics Lab
5. Fluid Mechanics lab
6. Hydraulic Machinery lab
7. IC Engine & Automobile Lab
8. Heat & Mass Transfer lab
9. CAD Lab 01
10. CAD Lab 02
11. Strength of Material Lab
12. Material Technology lab
13. Engineering Mechanics Lab
14. Theory of Machine Lab
15. Mechanical Vibration Lab
16. Workshop - Machine shop, Welding Shop, Carpentry Shop, Fitting Shop, Plumbing Shop, Blacksmithy Shop, CNC shop

Departmental Seminar Hall

Well equipped with audio/Video Facility, LCD Projector, OHP's, Multimedia PC, Internet/Intranet facility.

Well Equipped Class Rooms

Healthy, Species, Good Light, Fan Arrangement with OHP Facility.

Faculty of Mechanical Engg Dept



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Guest Lectures
  Guest Lectures Organised by Department.

Wednesday Seminars
  Wednesday Seminars Year 2015
  Wednesday Seminars Year 2014

News & Events

  13 Oct 2011 : Guest lecture on “Opportunities in Engineering Design & Analysis” by Mr. Prasanna Joshi, Director & Mr. Ameya Khambete, Asst. Manager Marketing, CADCAM GURU Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Pune for TE & BE – Mechanical Engg. Students.
  (3 Photos)

  5th March 2011 : CNC Machine Inagguration in GIT.   (3 Photos)

  20 -21 Feb 2011 : STTP on "Design & Analysis of Pressure Vessels" in GIT.   (6 Photos)

Department News & Events

  10 Sept 15 : Department of Mechanical Engineering organized one day workshop on “Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)”.   (6 Photos)


IMAGE ( Innovative Mechanical Association of Gritty Engineers ) the student Association established in 2010-11. The aim of the ELITE is to organize the various kind of functions for students.

To promote an Environment for the interaction between Mechanical Engineering undergraduate engineers with other relevant parties. Image shell engage in activities related to Social, Academic and Professional interests.

IMAGE Members : Click Here

Activities Under IMAGE

  "Industrial Visit to Kolhapur MIDC of Second Year Mechanical Students" Name of the Industry Visited : "MAHALAXMI TMT BARS Ltd., Kolhapur MIDC"   (4 Photos)

  15 Sept 2015 : "Engineers Day" activity of IMAGE. Aptitude Test for Second , Third & Final Year Students followed by Inspirational Speech by Resource Person : Prof. Rohit Nalwala (Chemical Dept.)& Prof. Mali (Civil Dept.)   (4 Photos)

  9 Aug 2014 : Celebrating the function of ‘Kranti Din’ by IMAGE student association of Mechanical Dept.   (9 Photos)

  9 Aug 2014 : Celebrating the function of ‘Kranti Din’ by IMAGE student association of Mechanical Dept.   (9 Photos)

  21 Apr 2014 : Farewell Party.   (4 Photos)

  25 Sept 2013 : Freshers Party.   (4 Photos)

  17 Apr 2013 : Farewell Ceremony was arrange to give all the best for exam as well as for their future to all BE Mechanical students. During this function students were addressed by principal about their future responsibilities as responsible Engineer.   (1 Photo)

  6-7 Apr 2013 : Spring 2K13 : A National level tech fest – SPRING 2K13 organized to bring forward different aspects of Engineering added with new dynamics and vision to innovate new ideas and execute them in order to attain the best results to a problem. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Rajendra Kadam, Dy. R.T.O. & Ex. Officio Dy. Professional Tax Commissioner Ratnagiri. Dr. Burte, Associate Dean and Principal Krishi Vidyapeeth Dapoli were also present for the event.
Students from different colleges like FAMT Ratnagiri, SSPM Kankavali, RMCET Deverukh, RSCOE Pendhambe, Also Krushi Vidyapeeth Dapoli, Yogita Dental College Khed and Dapoli Homeopathy College Dapoli, etc participated in the festival.
SPRING–2K13 concluded with lots of experience gaining and saw enthusiastic participation from students of different colleges with healthy competition. The regional level Tech fest was thus a landmark event and great success.   (2 Photos)

  6 Oct 2012 : Traditional Day : Ganesh Pojan was done to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi as a Traditional Festival of our Kokan Region. Bhajan, Bhaktigeets and Jakdi Dance were performed by our students. This program was helped to get students more familiar with the Kokan region Festivals.   (2 Photos)

  6 Oct 2012 : Ring Foot ball Competition : The competition helps to developed sporty behavior and team sprit among students. It also provides platform to show the hidden skills and qualities of the students.   (1 Photo)

  13 Sept 2012 : Handover Ceremony of IMAGE & Fresher’s Party : The function introduces F.E. and S.E. diploma students. Fresher’s may know the objectives of our Department and also the GIT culture.   (1 Photo)

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