Counseling Cell

Counseling is a non-judgmental activity where counselor and client work as a team to make positive changes in the client's approach to life; a person (client) who is basically psychologically healthy and facing adjustment, developmental and/or situational concerns or problems is empowered to gain awareness of him/herself and of his/her situation and to make decisions through the support and assistance offered by another person (counselor) through their relationship..

Contact No : +91 02356 262795-99 ext. 262

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Appointments : You can make an appointment by coming in or calling the Counseling Service during our office hours.

Counseling Services

The Counseling Service provides services designed to promote the academic, personal, and social growth of students. The college years are times of accelerated growth, significant challenges and considerable stress. It is normal, even expected that students will encounter difficult or stressful events. However, when students use the resources available to them, there is a much greater chance of success and overall well-being. The Counseling Service offers individual, group, and general support services by qualified mental health professionals.

Counseling is a collaborative effort between the counselor and student. Whether this is your first or fifth time here, we encourage you to share with your counselor any questions you have about the Counseling Service or the therapy relationship, including how therapy works and how it can be useful to you.

We hope you will find your contact with the Counseling Service helpful. Students are invited to share any suggestions or concerns they may have, feel free to use the suggestion box located in the Counseling Service waiting area or you can choose to speak to our staff directly.

Students come to Counseling with concerns such as:

• procrastination
• loneliness
• body image worries
• anxiety
• lack of self-confidence
• eating problems
• abuse issues
• roommate issues
• family problems
• problems in intimate relationships
• questions about gender/sexual preferences
• depression
• cultural concerns
• achievement conflicts
• concerns about use of alcohol or drugs

Our counselor approaches psychological issues from the perspective that psychological health and well-being is affected by one's personal history and current environment. The aim of the service is to assist students in developing healthy, fulfilling relationships and increasing enjoyment in productive working and learning.

Services We Offer

Counseling Service clinician regularly provide consultation to students and other members of the Gharda Foundation community who have concerns about someone important to them. This consultation can be on a one-time basis or ongoing, as needed. Please know that while we are usually able to keep the source of information confidential, if the concerns raised during a consultation involve the immediate safety of a student or the campus community, we will follow-up as needed.

Individual Therapy
The Counseling Service provides students individual sessions. Some students find that their symptoms remit quickly and that they need to meet only a few times, while others are best served by meeting for the full sessions as decided. During your individual sessions, you and your therapist will talk about ways to address your concerns and help you find relief from the discomfort that led you to seek help.

Group Therapy
Many students feel isolated and alone in their feelings. Group therapy offers students a unique opportunity to meet others with similar concerns in a safe and confidential space. Students can share their problems and feel understood, supported, and challenged by their peers. We offer a variety of topic-focused groups for students, designed to reflect the interests and needs of the GIT student community. All groups and workshops are free and confidential.

Individual & Group Testing

At times students experience crises, feel confused and disoriented, or are at risk for harming themselves or someone else. If you feel that you cannot wait for an appointment, please let us know that you need to be seen immediately and we will be sure to accommodate you.

Computer Center

Contact No : +91 02356 262795-99 ext. 128 / 115
email :

The centralized computer centre facility was established in the year 2007. The Computer Center is located in the A-Wing Ground floor of GIT Campus. Computer Centre consists into two laboratories, Server Room and main computer center.

The college has established a high-speed campus-wide network that connects all its departments consisting 540 systems. A fully distributed computing environment based on clusters of workstations and PC’s provides the staff and students ready access to computing resources, services software and applications. The environment is tailored to the specific teaching/learning needs of each department. Full access is provided to email, the Internet, departmental Intranets and other online sources of services and information through Internet connectivity of 2 Mbps .

The server room houses the various servers – Windows server, ERP server, Database server all connected to the LAN, thereby providing diverse computing platforms to the students, across the campus. The Internet Gateway comprises of Proxy Server, Symantec Endpoint Protection suite, CISCO Router 2800, CISCO switch and the other networking components required for an efficient LAN and for providing Internet access to 200 computer systems, located in the various departments and functional units.

Computational Facilities

Hardware available

Sr No



1Number of PC's398 Desktops
131 Thin Client's
07 Laptops
2Number of Server's5
3Internet Bandwidth in Mbps10 Mbps BSNL Leased Line
4 Mbps Deep Leased Line
4Number of Printers16 Dot Matrix
25 Laser
5Number of Scanners10
6Number of Plotters1
7Number of Projectors16

Softwares available

Sr No


Name of Software

1Operating Systems Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional Linux ES 4.0 Standard, Linux Desktop 4.0
2AntivirusSeqrite Endpoint Security
3SoftwaresMs Office Plus 2007, MS office 2013,TALLY Multiuser, Xtool(Tally to Excel) Adobe Flash, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio Prof 2005, 2010,SQL Server, SQL Server Cal, Oracle 11 G, Oracle Log Slandered, MATLAB, MULTSIM, Active HDL, Proteus VSM, Micro wind Package, AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD Inventor Prof 2009, CATIA, Borland TURBO C++, MS Project 2010, TINA, ANSYS, IB Rational, SPJ’ make C compiler for 8051, STAAD Pro, SCADA, Protues VSM


The Institute has residential facility separately for Boys and Girls students. It accommodates 530 Boys and 220 Girls students in three hostels each having separate mess where students are enjoying good quality of food and purified drinking water through water cooler. Uninterrupted power for 24 supplied with the support of generator back up. Hot water is made available each floor by Solar system as well as electric geezers. Over and above there is separate canteen and snackscenter for the refreshment. Library facility is excellent with tea/coffee vending machine. For maintaining safety, discipline and academic atmosphere, there is strict and close surveillances of security system, warden & higher authorities.

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e Learning Resourse Center

We live in a world that is constantly changing. The presence of computers has revolutionized the world. Computers have brought in a host of new technologies for education. Learning has changed as well. Starting from the ancient guru-kula system to the formal classroom learning in schools to distance education, the process of learning in education has come a long way. e-Education is the process of learning where computers are used at each possible step of the process: enrollment, instruction design, content delivery, evaluation, assessment and support.

The e-learning system designed to enable teaching and learning through the use of intranet & internet technologies.

The eLearning Resourse Center established in GIT in year 2009 as a Online Teaching Assistant for all GIT students. Online subject help is provided in the form syllabus, teaching plan, question papers, presentations, ebooks, faculty notes, lecture videos, flash animations for all Engineering Subjects in structured format.

E-learning has changed the college experience for many students. Rather than sitting through college courses and taking notes, tech-savvy Net Generation students are taking advantage of video lectures and other forms of online learning.

To access eLearning Resourse Center : Click Here

Language Lab

The Language Lab is equipped with the “Lingua-phone International Spoken English Course” software of twenty plus one teacher user strength.

The interactive communication skills lab helps students to improve their skills in public speaking, debates, group discussions, Presentations and role plays. Through these activities which involve a lot of team work, students can enhance their communication skills effectively. Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills give immense exposure at various levels of English. It also provides actual communicative situations of English usage that helps students to get acquainted with English language rapidly.

Medical Facility

Institute provides first level medical attention to cater the needs of the students by providing expert attention by experienced and qualified team of Doctors, Nurse and Pharmacist. It has good quality of medical store which meets the requirements of emergency as well as general medicine at subsidized rate required by the students as prescribed by GIT Medical officer. Emergency medical care and first-aid is available in the campus with one Medical Practitioner. General medicines are made available in the centre. First-aid boxes with all accessories are kept in all laboratories and other strategic locations.

An Ambulance with all facilities is available in the college campus for emergency services. A full-fledged Hospital at Pir Lote is available within 7 km from the institute which can be reached within 10 minutes. Doctors and Nurses are available round the clock. The Institute refers all emergency cases to the hospital. Warden and staff take care of the medical complaints of students and pass on information to parents. A Warden and his staff are instructed to respond immediately to all medical complaints from the students.

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Transport Facility

The college has it’s own transport facility, as and when required by the students during the industrial visit, site seeing and in other festive occasions.

Also MSRTC buses are available from Chiplun & Khed upto college on following timings.. 9AM at Chiplun & Khed ST Depo & 5PM from college. Seprate buses are available for Boys & Girls.

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Gymnasium and Sports

GIT is fully equipped with all sorts of gymnasium instruments where students are availing the gym as well as sports facilities under the guidance of full time employed sports instructor. The institute has large foot ball, volley ball, badminton, kho –kho and kabaddi grounds. It has provided indoor game facility like carrom, chess and table tennis.

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Consumer Co-operative store

Inside the institute campus, felicitates the day to day demands of students in respect of stationaries, cosmetics and edible items etc. with reasonable rates.

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Canteen Facility

Full-fledged canteen is available at GIT’s college campus. Lunch and dinner also served at the canteen. A cafeteria is provided for students within the college where tea, coffee is available. Canteen serves all types of vegetarian & non-vegeterian dishes. The college has seprate mess for every hostel.

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Extension counter of the Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd. available in the premises. This counter helps our staff and students for money transaction and various financial services. Also ATM facility is provided to its consumers on 24 x 7 basis.

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Post Office

Postage facility is available nearby the Institute.

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