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GIT Alumni Association

Gharda Institute of Technology Alumni Association (GITAA) is inaggurated by Hon. Chairman Dr. K. H. Gharda on 15th April 2011.

Vision ...
To engage the GIT’s global community to support and advance the Institute's excellence.

Mission ...
To be the central organization serving and connecting all alumni and members of the GIT family.

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Objectives ...

  • Provide exemplary customer service
    We pride ourselves in offering high-quality service and programs with integrity and honesty.

  • Nurture loyalty, pride, and tradition
    We work to strengthen the powerful attributes of loyalty, pride, and tradition that we see in our alumni, students, and friends that contribute to the excellence of GIT.

  • Communicate openly
    We value open communication, both within the Alumni Association staff and among GIT alumni, students, faculty/staff, and friends.

  • Promote collaboration
    We seek out partnerships with other individuals and groups both on and off campus.

  • Advance and promote the excellence of GIT
    i. Broadly communicate the achievements and activities of GIT.
    ii. Foster a climate that encourages dialogue among alumni, students, and friends about issues important to GIT.

  • Serve alumni and members of the GIT Family
    i. Respond to requests from alumni, students, and friends in a timely manner.
    ii. Provide high-quality benefits and services to Alumni Association members.
    iii. Seek input from alumni, students, and friends about how we can serve them better.

  • Strengthen GIT pride and loyalty through student and young alumni programs.

  • Promote the alumni association and develop a relationship with current students in order to encourage.

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    Alumni News

      1 May 2016 : Alumni Meet & Convocation Ceremony arranged at GIT.

      Alumni association for the year 2014-15 has been formed in GIT , So its a request for every alumni of GIT family to register for its membership.

      Our Hon. Chairman Dr. K. H. Gharda inaggurated GIT Alumni Association - GITAA on 15th April 2011.