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Quality Education at Affordable Cost

The principle objective of the Gharda Foundation is "To carry on activities for the benefits and development of residents of rural India by application of all suitable means available with focus on issues like health, literacy, non formal education, social awareness, agriculture, technical education etc. on its own or by joining hands or by helping like minded NGO's ". Establishment of Gharda Institute of Technology in a typical rural sector is also a step in line with the philosophy of Gharda Foundation.

GIT has provided good infrastucture, modern equipments, advanced laboratories, experienced & dediacated teachers, modified syllabus to suit changing environment, hands on workshop by collaborating with foreign universities and arranging for pre-entrance preparatory workshops.All this provided at a reasonable cost may be with arrangement of loan facilities with subsidized interest rates. Hence the said institute within a couple of years emerged as a premier institute in the eyes of government & businessmen.

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